Safe and sustainable - Hosting by Werkbank

All electricity for the Werkbank servers is generated from 100% renewable energiy.

Digitalization in transition. Modern technologies are constantly opening up new areas of application. We also implement projects with high security requirements, visually appealing and user-friendly. Job markets, international dealer portals, supplier and booking systems, pharmacy trainings, expert group portals and product databases are just a few examples from our portfolio. Our customers are convinced since 1998.


We prepare our customers for the future, be it in terms of digitalisation or sustainability. Digital infrastructure needs energy – and a lot of it. Especially streaming services and Bitcoin Mining, which requires huge amounts of computational capacity, have been on the watch list of environmentalists for years. However, there has been a counter-movement within the field: Green IT. Because building digital solutions that last means making them ecologically sustainable.

Better than just good

The data center housing our servers is certified according to ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 50001 (power management system) standards – but goes beyond these guidelines on all counts.

Keep it cool

Servers don’t only require power to run but also to be kept cool. Our data center uses the principles of free cooling (making use of naturally cold air or water) and adiabatic cooling (combining air movement via a difference in air pressure with evaporation). Custom cold aisle containment keeps warm and cold air currents separated, saving energy and supporting high power densities. This makes sense both ecologically and economically: These measures add up to 30 percent savings in air conditioning costs.

Hosting for Future

Adhering to the principle „there is no internet on a dead planet“, we always keep an eye out to ensure that our infrastructure – and hence that of our customers – complies with the latest sustainability standards. Contact us if you are also ecologically minded and interested in sustainable digital solutions!